Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mail from FarFarAway

Tätä, today I received mail from my very nice Secret Pal Wendi.

Hach, a package from America! The postman delivered it with 'Today only a package'. Today only a package, pardon, the man must be blind. A package from overseas. :)

I did not hesitate and opened it.

Wrapped im my favourite combination of colours, orange and pink. Here is the content:

American cookies, a nice magnetic blog (it already hangs at the fridge), a very nice yarn that combines my favourite colours. Wendi, how did you manage this?
The funniest thing was the american 'Labello'. It has a peppermint flavor and this makes cool lips. A really new experience.

We looked critically at the cookies and tried them. :)

They are veryvery tasty!

Dear Wendi, thank you very much! The idea of sending things which are perhaps daily for you but completely unknown for me is great. I am very pleased. Thank you!

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