Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

At the computer.


The Tuesday's Knitting Question - week 09/2006

Let me have a look in your knitting basket - what's in it?

Here is my knitting basket:

I like it very much because me grandmother made it. I store my needles, five balls of sock-wool and some other things in it. As you can see, the unfinished crochet bag covers the awful plastic bags.

My real knitting basket isn't a basket but a window seat.

This window seat is behind my regular seat on the sofa and you can easily store lots of things there. You can see the patches for the crochet blanket. Beside it one Jaywalker - the other one I am just knitting - and some journals and printed out patterns - upmost the birch-pattern, args, it's still waiting for me.
The seat is also used by other family members.

Oh yes, and the 'Werkbuch für Mädchen' (from my grandma) and a box with beads and my knitting notebook.
The green of the plant makes the scenery a bit calmer. :)

Och, it doesn't look that worse.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Days like today

fortunately don't happen so often.
An aircraft bomb from the second world war had to be deactivated today.
Everybody in a circle of 500 m had to be evacuated or had to leave the place for the time of the deactivation. That would not have been a problem but the kindergarten phoned me up because Ben suddenly had very bad belly aches. Of course, he wanted to be at home but that wasn't possible - we tried it.
Puh, that was a strange feeling.
We spent the time at the doctor and the rest of the day on the sofa.
So I had time for this:

Babysocks for a newborn child in the kindergarten. The knitting was fast und funny. These socks are so cute, it'a pitty that my own children have such large feet.
Perhaps I will knit some socks for the the longest laundry line of baby socks in the world.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Jaywalker socks

are fininshed since yersterday evening. Tätä:

My daughter was wearing them immediately and I am very happy that I managed it.


Self Portrait Tuesday

Do you remeber last week's photo?
That Tuesday evening we were sitting in a cozy wine-pub. And yes, we took a picture:

From the left to the right: A. and me and A.

More then twenty years are between both pictures, I don't believe it. It does not feel like that.


The Tuesday's Knitting Question - week 08/2006

Does answering the Wollschaf's question has any influence on your creative work? For example, your persistance to finish something, or your delight in buying yarn? Did you get reactions?

Of course, there are consequences when you answer those questions every week. Sometimes you have to look at themes you have never thought of before. Things get clearer in your mind, you are more energetic.
You can read the opinions of other knitters, that widens your mind.
I had a reaction to the Wollschaf: Oz is very delighted of it as it creates networks. He was very amazed when he saw how good the knitters are connected.
This question was asked by the curious Wollschaf.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Just in time

for the half of the Olympic Winter Games I finished the first Jaywalker sock.
You can see it at my daughter Julia's foot:

When I started knitting I didn't know for whom it would be. Julia was always very sock-resistant: "Socks? Ihhh, not for me!" But she liked these Jaywalker socks and she asked if she could have them. Of course, the motherly knitting-heart was very pleased.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Because I like it so much

and the goose pimples won't disappeare even when I hear it again and again: today the new Rosenstolz-Single 'Ich Bin Ich' is the aspirant of the day *klick*.
If somebody is interested, please, come along, we always try to compile some interesting links. There is, e.g., a second single with remixes.
And I have just discovered another goodie: the Celebrity Playlist by Rosenstolz *klick* at itunes.

--- ~~~o~~~ ---
Wonder-bag of the week: chartbreaker.blog
--- ~~~o~~~ ---

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fancy the sun?

Really? Ok, come along then. It's cold outside and the bike is in the cellar?
Don't mind - have a look and put your records on: today Corinne Bailey Rae *klick*.
Ah, I can feel the sunlight warm on my back.
And if you are not tired of it have a look at the Top of the Pops *klick*.
Though, three little birds should better not be sitting at my window now. Uahh, turn the music on quickly.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

In the middle of the 80ties I went to Italy for vacation with three friends. With a tent and a ticket and a vague plan where we would like to go to. In Italy we discovered that we had not enough money. It was an adventorous vacation - if I think about my daughter, she is in nearly the same age as I was then, doing the same thing it's a weird feeling. But it's also a weird feeling for me if she would not do so.
On the picture you can see (from the left to the right) A. and A. and me.
The fine thing ist, that I will go to dine with them this evening. Perhaps I can persuade them to take another picture.


The Tuesday's Knitting Question - week 07/2006

What inspirates you knitting?

As the internet took me back to knitting I should mention this at first. But there are also books, magazines, wool and other people.
This question was asked by the curious Wollschaf.

Monday, February 13, 2006

It works!

Yes, it seems as if it works. I'm able to knit Jaywalker socks.

At the first evening I only started and was too tired for the pattern. On Sunday I tried it again and it functioned immediately.
Until now it's really more fun than knitting 'normal' socks. This is amazing - I always thought that knitting a pattern would be a torture. I'm very happy that it worked well.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I just finished

the socks for my daughter Lilith:

Lana Grossa Megaboots Stretch in size 39. Even with a little pattern. I liked knitting this wool, but for my feet it would be too thick.
Now the needles are free and I can start knitting when the olympic fire is lighted.
Before I have to print the german instruction by Morag *klick* (Thanks!). So there will be multitasking this evening. Olympic knitting, olympic television and the conference for the Chartbreaker *klick*. We'll make it!


The Knitting Olympics

will start today and I signed up - I hope successfully - yesterday.

I'm going to knit 'Jaywalker' socks - please, don't laugh.
For me it's going to be a real challenge. I have to admit, that I easily stop complicated knittings when they do not function immediately.
Therefore I hope that the competition will help to stay tuned.
Now I will take my luggage and strike off quickly:

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Madonna at the Grammy Awards

Now it's perfectly clear why the Gorillaz climbed into the german single charts again with an old song from last year. We wondered at the weekend in the Chartbreaker how this could happen.
I have found the reason. Please convince yourselves - here is Madonna at the Grammy Award last night: *klick*.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ich Bin Ich

I hope I can reveal it. I'm just seeking new stuff for the aspirant
The single 'Ich bin Ich' by 'Rosenstolz' is going to be published next Friday, they are already playing the song on the radio. I heard it with Ben in the car, we liked it and we will soon sing it along loudly.
I have just found the new video *klick* so I can hear the song and need not wait until Friday.
The video is heart-touchingly sweet. Flashback into the 70ties, I used to have such white tights too and I also turned the page of my photo-album yesterday.
Why do I always get goose pimples when I'm listening to 'Rosenstolz'?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mail from FarFarAway

Tätä, today I received mail from my very nice Secret Pal Wendi.

Hach, a package from America! The postman delivered it with 'Today only a package'. Today only a package, pardon, the man must be blind. A package from overseas. :)

I did not hesitate and opened it.

Wrapped im my favourite combination of colours, orange and pink. Here is the content:

American cookies, a nice magnetic blog (it already hangs at the fridge), a very nice yarn that combines my favourite colours. Wendi, how did you manage this?
The funniest thing was the american 'Labello'. It has a peppermint flavor and this makes cool lips. A really new experience.

We looked critically at the cookies and tried them. :)

They are veryvery tasty!

Dear Wendi, thank you very much! The idea of sending things which are perhaps daily for you but completely unknown for me is great. I am very pleased. Thank you!


The Tuesday's Knitting Question - week 06/2006

Almost all knitters (at least at the age between 35 and 45) have been knitting wildly in the 80ties. Then they stopped collectively. And then they were infected again a few years ago. How did this happen? Do you have any idea?

Öhm, I was knitting a short time before my 'real' teenage-decade, after that I had to do other things. Every now and then I was attracted by my needles. But it really started when I was searching the web for handicrafts instructions for the charity-bazaar in the kindergarten. I found all that wonderful new colourful yarn for socks, until then I only knew the plain Regia yarn. And the 'blogger-scene' was amazing.

The question was asked by the Wollschaf.


Self Portrait Tuesday

When I asked myself today, which photo I should select this one occurred in my mind:

My grandpa Hans und I with a gum-dog.
But I have to admit that I was astonished when I saw how young I am on this photo.
I felt as if I have a concrete remambrance of the situation: we are sitting on the floor, playing, I can see the dust whirling through the sunlight.
But that's not possible, I was about a year old then, how should I be able to remember this?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wrapping Wool

Yesterday and the day before yesterday I spent my evenings wrapping Kauni wool.
I had probably already seen strange things which look like stretched umbrellas and which should make it easier, and I had also already noticed that one should have another person who is keeping the wool. But as I do not have such a thing, and the only available arms had to go to bed, I thought - again - 'oh, this will function anyhow'.

It functioned anyhow - it only took time. And if I should see it in a positive way - it has strengthened my nerves. As I have gone through this wrapping, a pattern should not cause (nervous) difficulties.
Now I have more than three balls Kauni - yes, I have hopefully noticed the order.
Because I needed an emotional distance to the wool now, I have started knitting socks from red Lana Grossa of Megaboots Stretch for my daughter last night.
A quite well-arranged ball, I only had to remove the banderole.

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