Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wrapping Wool

Yesterday and the day before yesterday I spent my evenings wrapping Kauni wool.
I had probably already seen strange things which look like stretched umbrellas and which should make it easier, and I had also already noticed that one should have another person who is keeping the wool. But as I do not have such a thing, and the only available arms had to go to bed, I thought - again - 'oh, this will function anyhow'.

It functioned anyhow - it only took time. And if I should see it in a positive way - it has strengthened my nerves. As I have gone through this wrapping, a pattern should not cause (nervous) difficulties.
Now I have more than three balls Kauni - yes, I have hopefully noticed the order.
Because I needed an emotional distance to the wool now, I have started knitting socks from red Lana Grossa of Megaboots Stretch for my daughter last night.
A quite well-arranged ball, I only had to remove the banderole.

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