Thursday, March 30, 2006

Since yesterday

I know who is my secret pal, or rather I know her blog:

Here *klick* Wendi ist writing. Of course, I knew her name before but now I was able to watch her and her whole family on a picture.

Six children - and she homeschools them all. Unbelievable!
Dear Wendi, I enjoyed my first round of 'secret pal' very much and I'm happy that I could get to know you a bit.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Tuesday's Knitting Question - week 13/2006

Where is your pain barrier in wool prices? What about prices for knitting books?

Puh, I don not have a concrete amount of Euros. Actually, I'm a little tightwad. But I can imagine that I would even pay more then usually for a yarn if it's the right one. But in this case there would have to be a certain project and I would have to be sure that I'm able to knit it. Learning a pattern with a very expensive yarn would not be my thing.
At the moment I'm not yearning for knitting books as I'm busy with knitting all the free pattern. And I think it's better not to look into these books too closely as they are surely really nice to view.


Self Portrait Tuesday

Yesterday evening on the way to the railway station, the stop lights of the car in front.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some more earrings

I would like to show:



Self Portrait Tuesday

Have a look, Oz. Arrived today.
In May we will go to Rosenstolz in concert. Oz is menacing with a Korn concert in order to balance our music account. Args.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mail like spring

I received today.
My secret pal Wendi has sent me a great package.
She combined my favourite colours perfectly - almost everything is orange and pink:

A bag for my knitting, I already use it so that Oz does not always sit on my knitting.
Some wonderful greeting-cards, easter-pencils and a small block for the children (it's already distributed), tasty chocolate (already eaten), two very nice and soft balls of merino wool and wonderful magnets (already at the fridge).

And all things fit together perfectly.

Here a few details:

The wool is wonderful!

The bag fits to the sofa. :)

And the magnets are brilliant.

Dear Wendi, many many thanks for these wonderful things. Everything looks so fine together. The colours are great - they are really heart warming.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


A few days ago I finished my last secret knitting and was confronted with the problem that there was nothing to knit.
So I could not shirk and tried knitting the Birch again. Well, now I know what I did wrong last time: I tried to knit all rows with a pattern and that did not function.
This time everything worked well but I always had to stick to the instruction very closely. I simply could not imagine that I would be able to keep the pattern in mind.
So I threw the towel again.
But, in place of this I took the german instruction for the Cozy by Susan (Thanks!) and this pattern was better. I still have to look at the instruction, I write down the rows, but it works - fast as a snail.

Yes, there is a little mistake, but as it is my first one I do not have to be so strict to myself.
Perhaps I will cope with the Birch next time.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Puh, the picture ist about six years old. The baby-soother-child was a real long-haired freak then. Now she is wearing the shirt I am wearing on the photo.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Echo 2006

Yesterday evening we watched the echo 2006 award on tv.
I'm especially happy about 'Fettes Brot' winning the echo. The last record 'Am Wasser gebaut' is really good - we listened to it all day during our last summer holiday in the north. Fine Lyrics, big beats, astonishing socially critical and self-ironic funny - cool.
Campino's laudatio for Bob Geldorf was moving.
But, did I ever say 'Madonna forever' *klick* ?
She won two (!) awards yesterday and she was neither present - ok, she has got two children and knitting *klick* also takes time - nor able to sent a video.
I would drop everything when I would get the most important earring-award of a country. And I would even do so when I was already the biggest earring-guru in the world.
No, that's not ok. I only wanted to point that out.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Perhaps I will take part in here from time to time. This week's challenge is the colour 'red'.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

This eagerness

should be used.


Earrings for the spring

I just fabricated.

I should keep up fast.



I just ordered tickets for the 'Rosenstolz' concert at the end of may. Tralalala.

Oz, will you come along?



from my Secret Pal I received yesterday:

A very nice card with very nice wishes. Thanks a lot, Wendi. Mail from overseas is always exciting.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Today at the hairdresser. The hairdresser was not only a hairdresser but a masseur for the hands and the head, a make-up artist and - args - an eyebrow- twitcher or shaver.
I defended my eyebrows succesfully, they are still complete. The hair is darker now, the pony is shorter and angular. I think that I will like the new hairstyle when the hair dryer style has disappeared.


The Tuesday's Knitting Question - week 10/2006

If you were stranded on a lonely island with only one knitting, what would you do?
Would you finish and wear it or would you knit it again and again?

After building a comfortable hut and a nice place to knit - at least I would like to enjoy this knitting - I would finish and wear it. I would not knit it again. Besides there are surely enough things to do on a lonely island. Perhaps it would be possible to make new yarn out of plants or wild animals, which would be domesticated then.
Do you wonder why I know all these things?
I'm well versed, when I was a child I always played 'lonely island' with my dear friend A. . :)
The question was asked by the Wollschaf.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

More Jaywalkers

have been finished:

Wool: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Multiringel.
But I won't tell you for whom they are.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Cleo *klick* is electric at the moment.
Ha, I thought, I can do that, too.
I discovered it a while ago, it's funny, but unfortunately it fell out of my head.
Fine music by Richard von der Schulenburg *klick* - it's electric *klick* and legal *klick*.
And the video *klick* is amazing.

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