Monday, March 13, 2006

Echo 2006

Yesterday evening we watched the echo 2006 award on tv.
I'm especially happy about 'Fettes Brot' winning the echo. The last record 'Am Wasser gebaut' is really good - we listened to it all day during our last summer holiday in the north. Fine Lyrics, big beats, astonishing socially critical and self-ironic funny - cool.
Campino's laudatio for Bob Geldorf was moving.
But, did I ever say 'Madonna forever' *klick* ?
She won two (!) awards yesterday and she was neither present - ok, she has got two children and knitting *klick* also takes time - nor able to sent a video.
I would drop everything when I would get the most important earring-award of a country. And I would even do so when I was already the biggest earring-guru in the world.
No, that's not ok. I only wanted to point that out.

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