Thursday, March 16, 2006


A few days ago I finished my last secret knitting and was confronted with the problem that there was nothing to knit.
So I could not shirk and tried knitting the Birch again. Well, now I know what I did wrong last time: I tried to knit all rows with a pattern and that did not function.
This time everything worked well but I always had to stick to the instruction very closely. I simply could not imagine that I would be able to keep the pattern in mind.
So I threw the towel again.
But, in place of this I took the german instruction for the Cozy by Susan (Thanks!) and this pattern was better. I still have to look at the instruction, I write down the rows, but it works - fast as a snail.

Yes, there is a little mistake, but as it is my first one I do not have to be so strict to myself.
Perhaps I will cope with the Birch next time.

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