Friday, January 27, 2006

Wool-Fairy Mail


When I came home this evening I saw it lying on the stairs. My Wool-Fairy had announced it and I had been really excited. But now I held it in my hand: my parcel from my Wool-Fairy.
The last time I had teared open the parcel fastly, this time I was more cautious and took a photo at first:

That's the present that was in the parcel together with a very sweet postcard:

It was written on the card, that there would also be something for my ill chidren. Therefore the children came running, grabbing the jellybabies.

Dear Wool-Fairy, I have portioned them fairly, a red jellybaby was left and it was eaten by myself. Very tasty! The children were very pleased and they liked the funny paperbacks.

But actually I would like to report what happened to me when I opened the present.
I don't know how to describe in words the kind of noise we make when we inhale loudly. That's what I did as I saw the Kidsilk Haze. Dear Wool-Fairy, what did you do? :) Kidsilk Haze!! And such a wonderful pink!

I nearly had a cardial arrest, I really was amazed. My first impulse was to run to the phone for a big 'thank you' - but that's not possible. Here follows a little
This wool is so pretty! Of course, I have already read a lot about it but I would never have bought it myself. So I will have to start knitting such a nice shawl. Perhaps it's good to live as a wool-snob. :)
In addition to that, there was a surely tasty Rooibusch (don't know the english word) tea. I'm going to have a cup in a moment.
Dear Wool-Fairy, you have made a great pleasure!
Thank you! Let me hug you.

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