Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

A short time ago I discovered this site and I found it really fascinating.

The reason why I decided to join today ist that I'm now able to transfer the photos from my mobile phone to the pc.
So I hope it will be possible to take a picture every week.

Since yesterday I have got a 'lent' dog.
My mother's face is hurting so we decided that she has to stay at home because it's very cold outside.
I went for a walk in the forest with the dwarf Schnauzer Paula (is that the right description in english?).
Wonderful weather, the sun was quite warm.

The dog and I.

Brrrrrr. It was still a bit cold.

In America (english) I believe you are referring to a miniature schnauzer which is small; or perhaps a toy schnauzer which is smaller still.
I saw the reference to the cookies. Oreos come in many flavors in America...Oreo Double Stuff with twice as much creme in the middle; golden Oreo which has a vanilla cookie; Oreos dipped in fudge; Oreos dipped in fudge mint; and Oreo chocolate cookie with chocolate creme.
Very much enjoyed reading your blog.
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