Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Tuesday's Knitting Question - week 09/2006

Let me have a look in your knitting basket - what's in it?

Here is my knitting basket:

I like it very much because me grandmother made it. I store my needles, five balls of sock-wool and some other things in it. As you can see, the unfinished crochet bag covers the awful plastic bags.

My real knitting basket isn't a basket but a window seat.

This window seat is behind my regular seat on the sofa and you can easily store lots of things there. You can see the patches for the crochet blanket. Beside it one Jaywalker - the other one I am just knitting - and some journals and printed out patterns - upmost the birch-pattern, args, it's still waiting for me.
The seat is also used by other family members.

Oh yes, and the 'Werkbuch für Mädchen' (from my grandma) and a box with beads and my knitting notebook.
The green of the plant makes the scenery a bit calmer. :)

Och, it doesn't look that worse.

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