Thursday, January 12, 2006

My child ist talking with me

- since a few days each night through the babyphon.

I can hear that the child gets up, walks to the toilet through the dark night, uses the toilet, walks back to his room. He does not say 'Help me, I have to pee, it's dark!' or things like that. He is able to do it all alone. But then he lays in front of the babyphon and speaks with a sonorous voice 'Mama, I'm afraid.'.

Today the child went to the dentist. While the mother even hesitates to do a phone call, not to mention sitting in the waiting room, yesterday the child only said 'that it would be a good thing, to go to the dentist again' (Is that really my child?).
And he remained true to hisself, he went into the practice with solid steps, inspected the instruments of torture together with the assistant, and opened his mouth widely when the doctor came into the room.
The doctor tried to obtrude a shot but this was denied. While I was suffering from the typical dentist's noise the tooth was repaired very quickly. The child took some time for small talk with the doctor, snapped a toy and I toddled behind him to the reception.

That's crazy, next night I'm going to stay in bed.

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