Friday, January 06, 2006

Secret Pal 7

Yes, I must admit that I'm greedy. As the 'Wollfee' is really fun, I have lately signed up for Sectret Pal 7 .
Now I am anxiously waiting for the first mail. I have discovered further german participants in some other blogs. I hope that we are all going to have fun.

And as the whole thing is international, I'm going to keep this parallel blog in english. Uahhhh, if anyone of you wants to know, if that's going to be a success, you should read at first FlimmerGlimmer and then GlimmerFlimmer.

Oh yeah, yesterday I audaciously tried a new knitting instruction in order to create a really nice present for my wool-princess. The good intention to learn new techniques should be put into practice immediatley. Summed up, now I know that it is better to adhere to the instruction. Creative improvisation is not indicated. After I had internalized this new knowledge and had started again I was succesful, I nearly could not believe it. Unfortunately, the result was too big. I started the third run-up yesterday evening and I really hope that it will function now.
For each of you it would be surely easy but I'm proud, nevertheless.

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