Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Tuesday's Knitting Question - week 01/2006

This time Ulli and Silvia have been curious:

Do you know what you are going to knit in 2006? Are there firm plannigs? Which good knitting intentions do you have for 2006? Do you plan new acquisitions (spinning wheel, knitting machine)?

Hm, at first I have to finish new socks for Oz, then I'm going to knit something for my wool-princess.
In addition to that, I would like to knit with the wool I have already bought. My oldest daughter has agreed to be the victim for socks, I would like to have a new scarf.
In general, I would like to learn new techniques, e.g. socks with patterns. And there are these wonderful great scarves with (for me) difficult patterns waiting for me . Puh, I hope I'm not going to be despaired.

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