Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Who has been buying shoes for a 12 year old teenie?
We have to point out: buying shoes is always difficult.
But today we were looking for shoes for the schooltrip of my daughter J. next week.
The teacher told us that there would only be forrest and slush and J. said that she would not wear her fantastic new shoes there. So we were looking for cheap shoes for the slush which also had to be pretty.
We went through the whole city and found nothing, not even expensive new shoes.
Then J. had the idea to ask in the shop where we bought the fantastic shoes she is wearing now. We had already been there and had not seen them but perhaps there could be a lonely pair in the stock. I was not convinced but desperate so we tried it.
We asked the shop assistant for the shoes, she shook her head but went into the stock and came back with these shoes. Unbelievable - a bargain.

The desperate mother. (I should work on my handyphototechnique.)

The new shoes.

Now I fear that they will be too fantastic for the slush as well.
But there are still the old shoes of the sister that can be used. Args.

"I should work on my handyphototechnique"

Nonsense -- the shot visualizes the desperation. Nice!
Women buys shoes for momentous occasions, men for their feet. *frins*
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