Thursday, May 04, 2006


Today my sockapaloooza socks arrived. I was totally overwhelmed, there were not just socks but all these wonderful things:

Yes, it's right, the fabulous pomatomus socks in a wonderful combination of red and purple. And they fit. Apart from that beautiful sock yarn, funny greeting cards especially fot the knitter, a little bag (I think it's also selfmade), Girl-Scout-cakes (Jenn, how did you know, I used to be a scout as a child!) and a little wooden sheep. Even on the greeting-card there is a pattern for a poncho - a funny idea.
Do you want to know from whom I received all that stuff? A crazy person named Jenn.

Dear Jenn, manymany thanks for all these wonderful things. It's too much (but I take it willingly :)) ) and I'm really happy. Thank you!

What a wonderful package! And I love the socks .... you're going to have fun wearing them.
Wow, you really lucked out! What an amazing package!
Great pal you had. What a thrill it must have been to open that package. The socks are lovely.
Astrid, I'm so happy for you to have gotten such a wonderful sock pal! That's one great package!
I'm still enjoying my beautiful earrings, and my daughter loves to brag to everyone that they came from Germany. I get quite a few compliments on them. Thank you again!
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