Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Tuesday's Knitting Question - week 16/2006

For which target group do you like knitting and why?
a) for the family
b) for team mates and friends
c) for charity bazaars or raffles
d) for yourself

Hm, I like knitting for all of them, when I know that it's a pleasure for the gifted person.
Unfortunately, the members of my family don't like socks that much. And except of Lucia - I should change this soon - they already have one pair. And I don't want to go on their nerves.
Well, my Dad is still waiting for a longer shank for his socks and he wants to have a scarf for his birthday. So I don't have a reason to complain. My mum was craving for the Kauni-scarves. And Oz still wants to have thinner socks because he always gets hot feet in the socks made of silk-wool. Perhaps cotton would be better or a thinner sock-wool. I'm still poring.
The question was asked by the Wollschaf.

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