Monday, April 10, 2006

Dyed Yarn

My wool-princess Kristin told me how to dye yarn. I could not show it until now because she would perhaps have discovered me.

At first it was very diffult to get the colour which is usually used for colouring easter eggs. Now I have already bought a few packages for my stock.
I took normal white Regia wool for socks and put it about an hour in vinegar:

After that I wrung it and prepared the colours. I could not stop myself and used all of them.

I must have done something wrong, perhaps there was still too much vinegar in the wool, but the wool was not totally coloured

I simply turned it around and covered the yarn with some more colour.
Then I put it into the oven and afterwards it looked like that:

Here the dry yarn:

You can still see a few white points, next time I will wrung out the vinegar more carefully and I will take more colour.

And out of this ball

I mades these Jaywalker for Kristin:

A lot of thanks, Kristin, for the instruction.
Dyeing was great fun and it was exciting to knit the yarn.

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