Sunday, May 21, 2006


On Saturday we have been to the Sevens. That's a big shopping mall in Düsseldorf near the 'Kö'. The oval architecture reminds of extraterrestrial starships.

And it was really a battle, a fight for a parking place, for a place in the elevator, usually I do not like these full shops on a Saturday.

In the basement there were some restaurants:

On the top there was something for the gamer:

The small son risked a fight with a great unknown.

And Oz challanged me for a little combat as well. I already mentioned that I am Daisy sometimes. Well, I don't have to say anything:

Mario Smash Football is a fine little game to prepare yourself for the soccer championship next month. But also the return game today was not satisfying for Oz. *hehe* Unfortunately it's not skill but luck, so I must hurry up with being glad - it won' t last long.

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