Saturday, June 10, 2006


Yes, I made it. I survived the Korn concert.

Korn - it was really heavy. And it was not only Korn at all.
Flyleaf with a very capricious singer was quite good.

Hatebreed made the the audience wild but was too loud for my tiny ears. And the sound was too equable.

And the sound-technique of the Bullets was really bad. There was no Light show, so it seemed to be a little narcotic. In autumn they will be back in Germany. Hope the sound will be better then.

When the microphone rack entered the stage the audience was electrified. And even more when it was exposed.

And then Korn appeared - at 23 h! - on stage. Loud and powerful. The basses made the stomach vibrate. The sound - a mixture of metal and HipHop - what is it? In any case unique. Bizarre, stamping shaman music. Coool.

With bagpipes:

Past midnight the concert was over. And the Oz and I staggered home through the Gruga

Hi, looks like fun, I like to dance sometimes.
Never where the big colour wheels are, but maybe someday.
Guitar people are cool, and I wish I could play.
I like music.
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