Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The socks

in the ajourpattern are finished. Made of a really purple sock yarn I bought at ebay a while ago.

The pattern was not that difficult. You can find it >>>here<<<.
The knitting was fun; the socks are a present. As they are thick, they will surely be used on the sofa. Therefore I thought I could pimp them up a little. For example, with a crochet butterfly, or a frog, or a fairy - somthing like that. I still have to think about it.
The next project will be some socks for a friend's son who will have birthday this month. I can write this down because he is still too small for reading. *hehe* And I don't think that it will be a great pleasure for him to receive socks. Nevermind, I found a victim, he will have to stand it.
Uahh, this evening there will be the Korn concert, I will have to stand this, too.

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